Friday, November 6, 2009

I have been on maternity for 2 weeks now and love being home with my 2 girls. Brooklyn is a great baby. She is an excellant sleeper and is getting bigger everyday. She had another doctor's appointment today and weighs 7 lbs 2 oz. She has gained 1 lb 4 oz since she was born just 17 days ago. It is great that she is gaining weight so good, but part of me wants her to slow down so she stays small just a little bit longer.
Alex was able to take a week off and we all enjoyed every minute of it.

Frozen yogart at Splash.

Checking on her baby sister.

Brinley wanted to put a bow on Brooklyn and decided to wear one too. Maybe this is the start of her wanting to wear bows.
Brinley was Tinker Bell for Halloween. She went to Haunt the Zoo with one of her friends and had a blast.
We took her Trick or Treating at the OC dorms with her cousins.

Briley and Brinley getting ready for a tea party

Reading to her baby sister.
She helped Brooklyn push the buttons on the book. Then she would get all excited and say "You did it Brooklyn!"