Thursday, November 4, 2010

To My Dad


I am so blessed to have had you for a dad. The past several days I've had several thoughts go through my mind. I wondered if you were comfortable enough while in the hospital or if you recognized us when you opened your eyes and looked at each one of us. I wondered why it had to be your time to go. But mostly, I have thought about all the wonderful memories I had with you and as a family. How grateful I am for those memories, for the time we had together on this earth, and what you have taught me.

I remember the first time I wanted to go running with you. Of course, my ability wasn't anywhere close to yours, but you ran by my side. Thank you for showing me patience.

You taught me responsibility at a young age through the paper routes. We had to wake up everyday at 6 a.m. You were right there with us folding papers, driving us around in the yellow truck, and helping us collect the money when needed. Thanks for teaching me responsibilty and how to manage money.

We had many good times sitting around the dining room table playing games. One of my favorite games was Rook. Thanks Dad for wanting to spend time with us.

I remember our family devotionals we had growing up. We all sat in the hallway before bed to read the Bible, sing songs and pray. Thank you for being the spiritual leader in our home.

I can't imagine having to buy a good, quality pair of running shoes for 4 kids 3-4 times a year. However, running is what we enjoyed and shoes are the most important piece of equipment for a runner. Thank you for being sacrificial.

At track and cross country meets, I always got so nervous standing at the starting line waiting for the gun to go off. Whenever I saw you or Mom in the crowd, I became more relaxed. Thank you for always being there.

As a grandpa, you always wanted to be present. I think about the time you and Mom woke up early to drive to Oklahoma for Brinley's birthday party. After the party that same day, you had to drive all the way back to Nebraska. I think about the time you and Mom kept 5 of the grandkids for a week for cousins' camp and this past September when you were in your garden with Brinley following you around. She loved eating the tomatoes right of the plants and helping you pick the peas out of the pea pods. Thanks for being involved.

Especially after having my own family, I often think about how good of parents you and Mom are and hope I can do as good as a job as you guys. You and Mom have been a wonderful example of what a godly marriage looks like. You loved Mom as Christ loved the church. You guys created a home that was loving and caring. Thank you.

Growing up, you taught me the verse Colossians 3:17. "In whatever you do, whether in word or deed, do it all in the name of the Lord Jesus, giving thanks to God the Father through him." You didn't just teach me this verse, you showed me how to live this verse. Whether it was through Christian education, what you chose to watch on tv, through your attitude, your speech, and how you treated others, you lived this verse. Thank you for being the Christian example you were to me. I'm going to miss you so much and I am looking forward to going for a run with you on the streets of gold someday! I love you Dad!

Love, Kristy