Sunday, July 29, 2007

What! July is almost over?

I can't believe how fast July has flown by. Alex and I have been busy with softball games on Mondays (don't worry I just watch), birthing classes on Tuesdays, and church on Wednesdays. Thursday, Friday, and Saturdays we try to get caught up on house chores and maybe rest a little unless something else come up which usually happens. We also helped with the Capital Hill VBS the 2nd week of July that our Bible class at church helped coordinate. It was very successful and the kids enjoyed it a lot.
We had family and friends come to visit us the past 2 weekends. Both our parents came into town last weekend for a baby shower. The girls that put it together did a wonderful job. Thank you all very much. We are pretty much set for Brinley to come now!

When I showed Alex everything we received, he was most excited about one thing.

The "Spit Happens!" bib.

We had a doctors appointment about 2 weeks ago. The doctor said she has dropped and is head down. He said at this point it is rare for a baby to move out of this position. I am definately able to breathe a lot easier now! Our next appointment is a week from Tuesday. I will start going every week after that. It is getting close! I will try to post once a week now. Sorry it has been awhile.

35 weeks

Saturday, July 7, 2007

My brother and sister-in-law, Jeremy and Hannah, came to visit from the St. Louis area. It was nice spending time with them this weekend. My neice and nephew, Camdyn and Carter, were so excited to see them. We had a lot of fun! Today we got the slip-n-slide out. Jeremy and Craig even had some slides themselves. One time Camdyn started sliding a little too early and went right into the mud. Of course, nobody had a camera handy.

Alex is having some fun of his own. Friday afternoon he left for Arlington, TX to surprise his dad at a couple of Ranger games. His dad was really surprised when he showed up at the hotel. He is at one as I am writing actually. That brings me to this next topic, the baby.

Everybody was over at my house this afternoon (Jeremy, Hannah, Laura, Craig, and the kids). They all left about the same time and the house got real quiet real fast. So I decided to update my blog with my 32 week picture. Just one problem. I'm the only one home. So I decided to take the picture myself.

After everyone left and I sat down for a little bit, Brinley started moving a lot. So without anything better to do, I started recording my belly moving. Below is a short video.

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Okay, so the video isn't working. I will try to figure it out later.

My work had a shower for me on Monday. We got lots of good stuff including a car seat, a bouncy seat and a running stroller! They even got Dairy Queen icecream cake which is one of my favorite cakes.

We started our "Birthing Healthy Babies" class on Tuesday at the hospital. Even though there might other ways we want to spend our Tuesday nights, we learned a lot of interesting things. I think it will definately help us feel more prepared when Brinley decides to come. Only 8 more weeks to go!

Sunday, July 1, 2007

Getting Bigger!

I am now at 31 weeks and feeling pretty good! The picture is when I was at 30 weeks. I feel like I am getting bigger and bigger everyday. Two weeks ago at my appointment, the doctor said that the baby is growing right on track and everything is looking good.

Alex and I have decided to name her Brinley. We have not yet decided on a middle name. It is between Brinley Paige or Brinley Grace. Of course, I lean more towards one name and Alex likes the other.

We worked on the nursery a lot yesterday. We bought a recliner and a changing table. Alex put them together when we got home. It is starting to look more like a nursery!

Sorry this is the only picture we got of our furniture. Just about the time that we are going to be taking pictures on a regular basis, both our cameras stop working. One doesn't work at all and the other decides when it wants to work. So this is the only picture I got of our furniture we bought.

I also started to make a wall hanging using Brinley's name. Again, I was not able to take a picture of the final product. The picture below is a VERY rough draft. I took it when I was trying to decide how I wanted to make it.

Yes, the pink round thing at the bottom of the picture is my belly!