Monday, March 29, 2010

Bye Bye Paci

A couple weeks ago, we told Brinley when she was ready to trade in her paci for a toy to let us know and we would get her a toy of her choice. A few days ago right before bedtime, she said she didn't want her paci and was ready to trade it in. Then proceeded to get her paci and go to bed. The next day, we thought we would remind her about trading them in to see if she was really ready. After naming off a few toys she could get, she started to get excited about it. So Saturday, we took a trip to the store.
Ready to go to the store with her paci's.

She picked out a My Little Pony
She had no problem handing her paci's over to the cashier. But before we even got to the doors, she asked for them. I told her that they were with the cashier. If she wanted her paci's back, she would have to give her toy back. At this point I was preparing what I would say to the cashier. As if Brinley handing him a baggie of paci's wasn't awkard enough. Thankfully, she didn't want to give her toy up.

Giving Pinkie Pie a hug.
At bedtime she asked for her paci (that was the only time she got it). We told her it was at the store. She went to bed with her new toy and fell asleep fairly quickly. But about an hour later, she woke up screaming and kicking. I think it was because of her cold (she did this one other time when she had a cold). But she started yelling, "I don't want my little pony in my house." So I started to walk out of her room with it. Then she sobbs "I want my little pony!" I think she had a love/hate relationship for awhile. She still goes to the drawer where her paci's were kept, but she really hasn't gotten that upset about not having them.
I was kind of sad to see her paci's go. They were part of the bedtime routine. All we would have to say was "Are you ready to get your paci?"
She would run to get it and she knew it was time to get ready for bed. If she wasn't obeying while getting ready she would lose it. Now we have to figure out a new consequence that is going to be just as effective as her paci.

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Amber said...

My son held on to his binky like it was a lifeline! We actually started out by only giving it to him during naps and when he was real fussy, but as time went on, he seemed to want it more (it went from a suckle need, to a want). My mom found the bye bye pacifier method (, printed it and suggested that we go with it. At first I was a bit mad at my mom, but I soon got over it. The method worked amazingly well. My son stopped sucking on it after 4 days! He proceeded to carry it around for another week, but never put it in his mouth. He then got tired of carrying it and simply lost interest. Mom was right, it worked, highly recommended!